Saturday, August 29, 2009


This past Thursday was my second encounter with Salamander, the adult English conversation class. My first Thursday lesson with them was just my self-introduction, and this week was the welcome party at a nearby restaurant.



The only three that I know from the first lesson are the guy sitting to my left, and then two ladies across from me, one in orange and one in pink.

I’m sure you can pick out the other native English speaker in this photo. Yes, in fact, the red-haired white guy who looks like he could even be my brother.

This welcome party night was a great deal of fun. I love the “family-style” restaurant experience, especially because it often means I don’t have to make any decisions. The people better versed at menu-reading pick out food, and it gets brought for all to pass around and share. This takes both decision-making and food-envy out of the equation, actually, and is therefore a winner in my book.

I really enjoyed talking with these Salamander folk, and I look forward to introducing them to more grammar points as the year goes on.

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  1. I know this doesn't relate to the topic of your post, but I really like your outfit in that picture. Haha. >_<