Saturday, August 11, 2012

the first post-trip and the pilgrim trail

Ever since my packing adventure ended, I've been running all about on what I consider to be one big trip. I left my computer in Shiso, though, so I don't have the capacity to process my photos yet! I want to write posts about all my adventures, including the two-temples-a-day I've been visiting every day I've been in Kyoto and Nara. Those posts alone will take a while.

Basically I've been from Shiso to Kyoto to Tokyo and back to Kyoto (and Nara) again. After leaving my apartment I discovered that, far from 'homeless' as I joked I'd be, I actually have lots of wonderful friends who have lots of wonderful futons and floorspaces for me. It's been like an extra-extra long weekend of all kinds of awesome (more prevalent kind being, the sweaty kind).

So I'm taking in culture, and lots of temples (each of which has its own 'meaningful nickname' .. oh yes), and while I don't know if my 33 will be complete by the time I leave, at least the map is taking on a more obvious shape. The temples that are easy to get to are being visited, the remaining are being saved for.. later. Tokyo was better than I remember (maybe it's always better than I remember, because I remember it so negatively). I just feel like I'm seeing and getting to do so much, and almost always with people I genuinely like, which can make all the difference in the world.

So until I can download (and upload) the photos, I won't be going into super detail, but just as an outline!

F 8/3 clean house like a crazy person, 'move' to Lorr's.
S 8/4 Finish sorting things (without access to house), hang out with Lorr, go to Rocky's, head to Kyoto.
S 8/5 Two temples (Ishiyama dera and Mii dera), the first with Miriam. Dinner by the canal in Kyoto.
M 8/6 Go to Tokyo, lunch with Loco, help out at orientation.
T 8/7 Museum with Mark, head back to Nami's in Kyoto.
W 8/8 Complicated transportation schedule to get to two temples (Okadera, Tsubosaka dera), finish at a ryokan outside Hasedera.
R 8/9 Morning prayer service at Hasedera, exploration of Hasedera, with bonus tiny "bangai" temple thrown in. Back to Nami's.
F 8/10 Back to Miriam, to Rokuharamitsu-ji and Rokkaku-do (the first with Miriam).
S 8/11 - That's today! The plan is to visit Daigo-ji, and possibly pop off the train line for a visit to another bangai temple. And a totally unrelated temple Miriam said is cool!

Tomorrow is back to Lorr and Shiso to hopefully unwind.

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