Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I know I've been away! I've been busy. If you believe that. There's all kinds of sorting still happening, and of course, albeit in parts and phases, the Repatriation Roadtrip is also at hand.

I'm also at a bit of a loss as to whether to continue with this blog beyond the Japan adventures I naturally need to get around to writing about. I mean, should I go on into the Reptatriation Roadtrip saga, and beyond that into the Next Adventure that is Life in This, The Wide Country? Or should I start another blog for that (my interest is partly archival, in preserving the look of this blog despite wanting to keep its image current, as it has been changing little by little to reflect my surroundings there in Japan)? I mean, I don't really live on the eastern edge anymore.. I kind of never did..! Though that's neither here nor there. And I no longer teach English in Japan... I fight the urge to correct the inaccuracies of this blog in my current situation, but as you can see, I already removed the time/date thingy because that isn't what the time/date is for me anymore..!

 But in the meantime, studying for the JLPT is attempting to consume me and sapping most of my mental energy. There's a limit to how much Japanese you can cram into your head in a given day, and this week, I intend to find out what mine is.

Maybe after I'm caught up (lies. we are never caught up), I will be free again to... to..

Don't worry. I can't not write for long.

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