Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I am about to destroy the fridge

I sit next to the break area in the staff room. There’s a little couch, a fridge, a coffee pot, a hot water machine and a tea dispenser, etc.

And the fridge is buzzing. And maybe it’s always been this loud but I never noticed before because my laptop cooler sounded like a jet engine warming up. I actually replaced it because the thing because I was embarrassed that my coworkers had to suffer that grating noise. And because getting it to be on/stay on required me to fiddle with the connecting power cord all the time, and was sort of like searching for signal with bunny-ears on an old, busted TV. You had to find the right angle for the cord, and it was never quite the same, and then you had to prop it up with coffee mugs and whatever else you had around. The new cooler is very quiet and is easy to keep on, and compact for traveling. But it doesn’t keep the computer as cool as the old rickety one, so I’m keeping that one at home for its usefulness. And because throwing anything away in this country is a total pain.

When my fridge was this loud in Kansas, I shoved it. That usually shut it up. When that did not shut it up, I actually called our apartment complex maintenance people to be like “HELP, FRIDGE.”

It is also reminding me of noise pollution and dolphins.

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