Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Alright. With one thing and another, there are a couple of things to make a short post.

One is, as part of one of my super-busy weeks (sports day practice week, actually), I hurried home from Salamander to take part in some highbrow discussion podcasting. If you’d like to hear my guest appearance on Impetuous Windmills, check out episode 16: Gravitass. I hesitated in posting this here only because of the content of our highbrow conversation, which is not really related to this blog. And also my unedited use of the f-word. But if you have an hour of mindless chores or driving to do, and want to listen to some college friends go on about some stuff, please enjoy! I’m including it because it is in fact the kind of conversations I tend to have at dinners and parties and dinner parties.

Another is, this entry which covers a lot of stuff, is now complete with pictures. That is to say, it was rather incomplete before, but now it’s better. Please click on any of the photos to see a larger image!

Please eagerly anticipate my posts about Kiso Valley (in Nagano, the Central Japanese Alps) and later, Iya Valley (Shikoku)!

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