Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A return to good eatin'

Every day at school, my VP would ask, did you bring your lunch today. I would give him the are-you-kidding face and laugh or sigh and say noooo…

Then I would either fling myself in the path of someone departing to make a Lawson’s (a not inconvenient store) run (that person normally being the band teacher, whom I have always liked), or I would walk myself down the long driveway to the grocery store across the street to get myself some lunchies.

Dinner has been a similarly painful process. I would basically feel bad about the idea of eating out every night, and then do it anyway. And never manage to finish my whole meal because it’s just too hot outside for my body to accept a normal amount of food.

No more. Today, we had opening ceremony at school. And in return for wearing slacks (not shorts), and for standing in the gym sweating for 45 minutes, I get Teacher Bento! Teacher Bento happen almost anytime we have a special event. They are filled with all kinds of sashimi and special rice and strange pickled vegetables and little fried this or that.

Then, tonight my Japanese classes plus dinner times resume with Osaki-san. I go for the food, really.. I did for several weeks. The class itself is all kind of review for me (not that I don’t need it).. but let's be honest. I was kinda like, meh, Wednesday night classes. ...There's FOOD involved??

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