Friday, June 24, 2011

Secret Perks of Speech Contest

So English Speech Contest is coming, and I know it's far too early to be thinking about it (it's October 17th or something), but I have basically already chosen my champion(s), and basically had chosen one of them as early as graduation.

I don't really care about winning, although a win would be nice. I always just want my kids to make a good showing of it, to do well and make me, their parents, and themselves proud. The kids I want to chose are two that are good, they're smart, but more importantly, they work hard, and I feel like I can trust them.

Our school will be hosting the contest this year. What this means for me is, I don't have to be a speech judge (woo!) and I do have to give the model speech.

The model speech!

What happens during the contest is, the kids speak English (or something like that) to the audience, and a Japanese translation of what they are saying is projected onto the wall or a screen off to one side, so their largely Japanese student audience can have some clue as to what the hell is being said.

The same goes for the model speech, if I'm not mistaken.

What this means is, I get three minutes to say something to my school, to all the kids at my school. Not just the ones who can understand English. I don't have to dumb it down in order to say it in my limited Japanese, or in order for them to understand it with their limited English. I don't have to tear my hair out in agony over being scared shitless at attempting to do a whole speech in Japanese in front of a gym full of native speakers. I can march out my secret (terrified, also) little orator and really say something. I can have the freedom of using whatever word is right for the speech, not just whatever word I think they'll know. And it'll all be up there for them to read along as I enthusiastically deliver my message. I can really say what I want to say.

Now I just have to figure out what I want to say.

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  1. I really enjoyed both of your posts! First of all, I love using chopsticks/hashi, but I always wonder if I'm doing it right. My method works for me, but I feel like I could do it better/more "properly" (?), and don't-even-get-me-started-on-the-stupid-illustrations-on-the-back-of-chopstick/hashi-wrappers. Seriously. Those illustrations help NOTHING.

    Also, I love love how you intersperse Japanese with your English (Japanglish?), e.g. "You're so jozu with those hashi" (typing 'love' twice was a mistake, but I love love it, so it stays). It's funny and awesome and so totally you. :)

    Finally, the speech contest sounds really cool! Just to clarify, you can say whatever you want during your model speech? Obviously you couldn't say that your students are all stupid dumb poops, but are there any guidelines? I think it'll be great for you to speak from your heart, and for them to hear you doing so, knowing that complete comprehension will be had.

    I just got news that one of my other good friends is coming for a Jojah visit sometime in July, and I'm just so damn stoked that I get to see two awesome ladies so soon. Hope you're well! :) Love.