Monday, November 26, 2012

start recalculating

Hi there Eastern Edge-rs.

Welp, I've gone and started a new blog. You knew I had to. I live nowhere near the eastern edge of anything anymore, and all that fraudulence was making me feel a bit uneasy.

I do intend to post stories about my last few adventures here, once the JLPT is over. Look forward to my how-to on maintaining personal space even in a crowded bus!

But until then, check out the next best thing (or two):

A Postcard Problem is the tumblr I started when I began having blog withdrawals. I'll be posting... post cards, until I run out of them anyway. That will take me a while, as I had a tendency to buy more than I sent, and I tried to buy them everywhere. It's a habit!

Recalculating is the new blog. Not much there yet, but you know how these things go. See you all over the place!