Monday, March 13, 2017

Even More Changes!

Hello everyone!

While the "Recalculating" blog is remaining private (I just now clicked it to "public" and couldn't quite bring myself to save changes -- I like to be open, but there's so much I don't know about the 'CYA' stuff, about which it seems other people are so serious, so I am continuing to err on the side of caution there), I'd like to add a link to another one, same title concept "Rerouting."

Rerouting is not very focused, but then, discursive is something you might expect from a blog of that name (and from me!).

Rerouting is on a different server and is public. It is the home of my latest scribblin' attempts.

I have also long since realized that I never wrote about my trip to Tohoku. Since 3/11 came and went a couple of days ago, I am feeling like I ought to write that, better late than never. So, that should get posted here at some point.

Carry on!