Friday, January 8, 2010

at the speed of a bullet

On the day of the 1st, we took the Shinkansen to Osaka. This is excellent because the shink does in three hours what a bus does in like eleven. The Doctor, being in law school, has work to do on the train. I feel this sort of hard-workingness is very Japanese. But the Japanese people around us are sleeping instead.

This is our "What up, we on the shinkansennn!" photo:

The Doctor throws the "very Japanese" finger-V or peace sign.

I settled in to read Harry Potter until DR's mom tapped me to ask which mountain it was we were seeing on the right and I freaked out because OH MY GOD YOU CAN SEE MOUNT FUJI!

You can see Mt. Fuji from the traaaaiin!!

On the way to Osaka back in August, our prefectural helpers had told us it was visible on clear days. But, being August, it was a hazy, not-clear day then. I had forgotten. You kind of go around it and see several sides of the mountain as you progress through the area (at like 300mph or something crazy like that). Sigh. Awesome. Back to reading.. and then..

Oh my God! It's snowing! Like... a lot!

The train does not go as fast when there is snow.

I thought this meant it would be a snowy Osaka upon our arrival, but that was not so.

Hoorah for the bullet train adventure.

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