Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Coldest Day

Yesterday as she brought me back from work, my co-teacher (for 5th and 6th grade, anyway) at Small Elementary told me this: "Tomorrow is the coldest day."

Legendarily, anyway. Whether or not it really is, she explained, well, whatever. I'm not sure how they figure this, but apparently, January 19th is supposed to be the depth of winter. Where I come from, February is about the worst; I'm not sure, though, if that's just because it's the GREYEST.

That notwithstanding, a warm front moved in today, and it was the warmest day I've seen in a very long time. According to (which has been wrong before), the high today was 14C, and the low tonight is predicted at a whopping 8C. I don't know what that is in F, but it's a big deal.

Today I celebrated the coldest day by going for a jog..! And running all around in the outdoor air. I also feel more motivated to do the stuff I've been putting off (suddenly, I'm dying to have a free moment to do bulletin boards, rather than hating and fearing them like some kind of disease).

We had a few days like this when I lived in Kansas, too. I had the impression going in that winter was going to be one long solid snowed-in period wherein we would simply not leave the house, nor would we accomplish anything, nor have any fun. But there were a couple of random days when temperatures reached right up to 68 or 70F! I remember going for walks with friends in sundresses, overjoyed at the weather respite.

The report says it's supposed to start dropping again after today, but it was a good break, I think.

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  1. It's called January Thaw, and, coincidentally, we are having one in Georgia at the same time. I walked 3 miles this morning in my t-shirt and light workout pants, it was lovely! 62F! Tonight it rains....