Monday, May 24, 2010

always preparing

Well I can’t really believe it’s almost 3pm. Classes were canceled today for TooMuchRain! It occurred to me as I walked up the drive in the buffeting winds, that it might be a little harrowing for the students to be riding their bikes to school in this mess.

The rivers were all enthrallingly high. I’ve never seen school cancelled for rain, but apparently it sort of just happens sometimes, the way snow closes things down back home, I guess. Weather is a big deal when you walk or bike to school.

I’ve spent the day lesson planning, studying Japanese, editing stuff for the Hyogo Times, and working on e-mail (offline). It’s like that. You give me hours at a desk and I’ll give you… a clean inbox, or a whole week’s worth of plans. Or something. Maybe nothing at all! It’s nearly three and I’m not done.

I never am!

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