Monday, May 24, 2010

insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results?

I first started going to trivia in high school, because we liked to amass an enormous team of students and parents, take up an entire section, not really eat much food, and then (on the rare-ish occasions that we won) gloat over the team of three or four HS teachers whom we opposed.

Time and again I have made the mistake of thinking, hey, I’m pretty smart. I should be good at this! Time and again I end up just like my Vanderbilt Honors Seminar class.. clustered around a table full of nerds, hopelessly looking from one to the other as if to say, so.. no one knows anything about sports..?!

No one knows anything about sports. At least I don’t. Nor do I know anything about pop culture, at all, or politics, really, or news. I really suck at trivia night, but I always love to go. And I always talk a lot of trash which I half-believe by the time we start, to the point that I almost think we might be able to win..!

As could be expected, trivia nights in Japan are rare. Being English-speaking and all.. prohibits me from participating in Japanese trivia nights. If they exist. I suspect they do not.

But our lovely JET friends put together one bangarang trivia night for Saturday, and so we went, and we drank all we could drink, and we inevitably lost at trivia, but it didn’t matter because we still know we are smart. Plus we got “polder” right. And “tennis elbow.” And the food was good too.

Shiso Bound for Nunnery, aka team Dutchies

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  1. hey! know i'm a terrible cousin because i have to catch up on your blog, but i love your writing style. it just makes me happy. it inspires me to keep up with mine. :) also, i've been dying to start going to trivia night, and this blog post is a sign. it is time to lasso some friends and get a move on!