Thursday, May 27, 2010

More kickin’ round Kyoto

Ah, Kyoto. Another weekend spent in your sunny embrace, but never enough time to have seen even all I wanted to. This is another retrospective post, from March 14th (White Day) weekend.

Just for the record, White Day is like the reverse of (Japan’s version of) Valentine’s Day. On Valentine’s Day, girls are supposed to give chocolte to people, mostly to co-workers (“obligation chocolate”) and also to boys they like (“real-stuff chocolate”). On White Day, dudes who have received chocolate return the favor in the form of presents or whatnot.

Highlights from this trip mostly include enjoying (pre-)spring Kyoto, exploring more of Fushimi Inari, and being present for the first night of the Kyoto spring light-up, which means they set up a bunch of lanterns and artwork for people to enjoy by night. We got to see KiyoMizuDera by night, and enjoy “pink things” (cherry-blossom flavored alcohol and strawberry daifuku) in Yasaka shrine area.

On the second day, we visited Arashiyama and went up to the monkey park, which was lots of kinds of hilarious.

Even got to see Nami-san for about twenty minutes (I wish that were an exaggeration..), which was enough time for her to make me the first non-family member to find out that she got MARRIED the week before..! No ceremony, just signing papers at the courthouse for their busy schedules, I guess!

Check out the photos from that weekend here.

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