Thursday, December 2, 2010


I managed to spend one classless day accomplishing a whopping TWO things on my to-do list. Don't be impressed. If I had put my nose on the grindstone I could have done most of them. But the kids were practicing for a school-presentation-festival which I may or may not attend, and they were cute.

IN OTHER NEWS Christmas is approaching. I have heard tell that packages over like 400 grams might have to be sent from Japan by boat, which can take up to 2 months, so your presents are already late.

But let's talk about what you can do for me. There's not much I lack in the land of the rising sun, but I have two desired things if you feel inclined to send anything. Feel free not to.. that's not what Christmas is about of course, but here's the thing. Every house in Japan has a hot-water maker. It comes standard, right after fridge and stove, probably before microwave-oven. There are like two in every staff room I've ever been in. These exist mostly so you can make yourself instant coffee. Or instant ramen. But Japan for some reason does not have instant oatmeal.

I know. wtf right? So I bought eight boxes this summer and unboxed them and put them in plastic bags and packed them in my suitcase and brought them here, and at the time of writing I now have one solitary packet of oatmeal left. And everyone knows you need two packs at a time anyway.

I like the reduced sugar stuff because it's not too sweet, but really any flavor is okay, excepting maybe plain, because that would require me to be creative at 6:30am and that is pretty hit or miss. But, if plain is in a collection or something, I suppose I could stir some yuzu jam into it and call it even. Hmm.. that sounds kinda good.... okay, all flavors are a go. And with this gift you can't go wrong, because no matter how much oatmeal I receive, it will never be too much.

Secondarily, I really like the body cream type of lotion that comes from Bath and Body Works. Body cream usually comes in an upright tube that is round at the bottom and kinda.. triangular at the top. Like this:

In my youth, I used all kinds of crazy scents, but these days I like it pretty tame, so if you want to send me one of these, please exercise discretion in scent choosin'.. nothing too sweet or fruity. If you find yourself unsure, just send oatmeal. I am particularly fond of the brown sugar fig (third from right in that picture). Unlike the oatmeal, though, I can have too much lotion. I kind of already do, although it's all different, inferior, non body-cream kinds. Except this 99cent bottle of Walgreens lotion which for some reason is also awesome. Accept some substitutes?

Also if you want to give me lotion, please wait until the twice-a-year B&BW sale to buy it.. that sale should be like just after Christmas sometime. Trust me, it's worth it the wait.

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  1. best discovery i've ever made when it comes to body lotion:

    i am in love with creme lotions like curel and cetaphil, but they smell kind of funky. so, i took some of the bath and body works lotion (not the cream kind) and mixed it with curel (amazing!). it's awesome. a light scent and a lotion that actually works.