Thursday, September 10, 2009

Every day is field day

Well if I haven't been just swamped with nonessential work!

Still, "Sports Day" is Sunday, so perhaps after that, things will settle into some kind of routine. I want to write about elementary school, and also about sports day practice. Unfortunately, things like sports day practice are taking ALL of my time and requiring me to go stand outside for hours on end.

Yes, I remembered to bring sunscreen. Today, anyway. I've totally given up on dressing professional for work and have traded in my skirt and blouse for a t-shirt, yoga pants, and one of my various hats.

After things like sports day practice, which is the opposite of sitting at my desk with free time to lesson-plan, study Japanese, read teaching theory, blog, etc., all I want to do is go home and lie around. But I still have to do those elementary plans, and eikaiwa (Salamander) too! And get ready for my first middle school lesson.. which has yet to occur. It's due up on the 16th. After that, I should be teaching about four classes a day (out of six possible time periods), so I'll find a kind of rhythm.

So if you're expecting a letter, a phone call, a skype date.. keep expecting. It should be better soon. So I tell myself.

In the meantime, I got a car, and am making decisions like, should I go home for Christmas, or to Thailand? Can I do either of those with friends on their way to visit ME? Should I go to Tokyo, Kyoto, or Korea for September break? Should I stay a second year?

All this, and more.. while I stand in the hot sunshine wishing for Sunday.


  1. Well, I think you should go everywhere new you can. :P Will you get to see your family other times besides Christmas? John always tells me that he is very glad he stayed in Germany for Christmas when he was an exchange student because he got the full experience that way. Of course, you should do what you want though!

  2. Umm lawyers can not miss Christmas!! Sure, sure travel the world, but Christmas is not for sharing!

    Or at least that my opinion. :P

  3. Your Momma says- do what you want! You will never be in this place at this time again. We love you and want to see you, but we're not going to clip your wings. (Besides, we can see the world through your eyes and words)