Monday, September 7, 2009

Inside my Domicile

In a recent letter, my friend asked why I hadn’t yet put up any photos of the interior of my house. The reasons are simple:
1. I hadn’t really thought about it yet.
2. It’s a work in progress. I don’t have much aside from what Lara left for me.
3. It’s really hard to get a telling angle on anything. Even when Lara sent me photos, I was completely unable to picture the place until I got here and saw it myself.
So I figured I’d go one better. I took a VIDEO TOUR for you!
Let’s watch!

Part two!

And, since my camera was flashing red numbers at me which turned out to be the memory card filling up (for the first time in its history?), here is PART THREE!
Let’s watch more!


  1. but... the video didn't attach :(

    Super thanks by the way for keeping us updated! You seem to be having an amazing time!! (and I'm enjoying reading about it) :D Keep up the fun and adventures!

  2. The people demand you post the clips!

  3. it's like a little Munchkin apartment! love it