Sunday, September 6, 2009

Myst and the morning on the mountain

Because of a few photos I’d posted to my facebook profile, one of my friends made the comment that I’d moved to Myst.

In fact, sometimes it feels just like that. As I put together understanding, bit by bit, of my workplace, I begin to discover the many ways that my predecessor Lara left so many clues to help me figure things out.

I feel sort of like she’s Atrus, and has strategically placed information around that only makes sense after certain events have occurred. I don’t know what half of the stuff under my desk is for until I get to elementary school and am suddenly using it.

There are print copies of nearly all her lessons for both elementary and middle school. I put together my first 5th and 6th grade lesson from the notes of her last lessons, her first lesson, and the first lesson of the school year, in April.

As for the Myst pictures, those were from my “morning on the mountain,” the last day before Lara, my predecessor left this town. It was a nice, reflective way to spend a Saturday morning (two weeks ago).

IMG_2555 This is the track that takes you up to the top. It looks like a roller coaster, but don’t get excited. It’s the slowest roller coaster of all time.

IMG_2564Ferns, mountainside.


IMG_2571 Our town from above.


IMG_2594  Contemplation.


IMG_2578 The mountaintop structure, which is sufficiently Myst-like, and which, seen from far below, prompted Lara to wonder, what exactly is that, and how do we get to it? Leading to this lovely morning.



My predecessor and I seem to be alike in a lot of ways. Even our personalities mesh. I wonder if I was hired for her position for that very reason? Or if it’s just coincidence.

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