Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I’ve got some sweet entries lined up and half done, about Sports Day and about elementary school.. but right now I’d just like to note that I am currently eating breakfast before my first day of middle school classes.
I don’t think I could truly have felt prepared.. still, I’m freaked out and hoping for the best. My first day happens to be working with the one teacher I haven’t really talked to much this whole month. I have no idea how he’ll be in the classroom.
Frankly, I have no idea how the other two are in class either. There will be four classes, all of around 14 students today (they split the class in half for English, or maybe just for JET days?)… so keeping them in line shouldn’t be an issue.
Okay. I could have prepared better. I could have printed out all the handouts already. And I could have located and tested a projector.
I can do it without the projector.. I just have a much sweeter and larger photo collection when I can include digital shots.
But there’s probably no way we’ll have time for my “activity” if we include all my digital stuff, so… maybe the projector thing won’t work out, and that’ll be okay too.
In conclusion, omg omg omg.


  1. relax! everyone has a First Day- I'm sure it went great! You're a natural at this.

  2. Maybe they'll be equally scared of you? :P