Sunday, February 6, 2011

"What I'm Reading"

Because of construction along the river, my commute has nearly doubled in time. I am consistently late for the morning meeting, missing it entirely. My VP says he thinks I am stressed about it.

Actually I'm not bothered at all. Aside from making extra sure I don't miss the bus (because driving yourself through the waiting turns of traffic IS actually stressful.. also then your lateness belongs entirely to you and is not the fault of the 'silly rules that make you take the bus'), I'm kind of enjoying the extra time. It makes it much more necessary for me to take a book along, but it also makes it much more rewarding to take a book along.

I realized after finishing The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo that my construction-road companions had become that book's characters. I was resistant at first to pick up a different story. I get like that sometimes.

I also have a tendency to be unduly influenced in thought pattern by what I am reading at the time. So I figured I'd keep a little bit on the sidebar letting you know what I'm consuming every morning from 7:30 to 8:10 (and beyond). Just another little 'what's up' I guess. So you can ask me how something was, or tell me what you thought of it when you read it years ago, or whatever.

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