Wednesday, February 2, 2011


You're probably wondering, did she even go to Singapore or Kuala Lumpur? I haven't seen any evidence.

Don't worry.. those posts are coming.

For now I've got this to share: Hyogo Times Online

I spent Sunday night in a gleeful reverie, as you may have read. Then I spent Monday harried and wanting to tear out all my hair by the roots, rushed and irrational and pissed off for no good reason because people were just being jerks is all, only they weren't really. Also I had four classes and then one period of standing in the freezing gym while the kids received a bosai lecture about how to handle fires and earthquakes.

Monday night, my HT staff members rallied (turns out, they are actually rock stars, and not the 'jerks' I spent all midday believing every last person on earth to be) and I woke up Tuesday happy and ready to roll.

The website is under construction. I gave both my designer and my web editor long laundry lists of notes about changes of all varieties. Not everything is quite finished, but it's in the works. And it's decent, for now.

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